Counselling Rooms and Halls

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Raised of ₹ 3000 Goal of ₹ 30000000

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Counselling by ISKCON for all ages

Counselling has been known to have a profound impact on many lives and families. It can change lives, not only of individuals but also of families, communities, and society.

Counseling helps people, young or old, navigate the various difficulties they might face in life, such as losing a loved one or stress.

According to statistics, 20% of Indians have either gone through or require counseling sessions at some point in their lives. About 1% of the Indian populace suffers from severe mental health disorders. 5-10% of Indians are suffering from moderate mental health issues.

According to psychiatrists, in urban areas like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Kolkata, depression is the most common type of mental health issue that these big cities face.

Out of 1000 people, 30.7 people are affected by depression. The short life of the towns and the intense competition to be the best in everything is the prime cause of most mental health disorders.

Trying to be at par with the world’s pace and the fear of failure makes us strive harder and accept stress with open hands.

At ISKCON Dwarka, we believe in counseling’s power and the changes counseling can bring about society. We firmly believe that talking and listening can help and successfully bring a person and a family out of whatever they are facing or going through.

Keeping all the needs and wants of people in mind, Iskcon has come up with Counseling rooms and halls which stretch to an area of 5000 sq ft and hold the capacity to accommodate 500 people in a single point time.

How does counselling help?

Counselling allows you to talk to someone without the fear of being judged or doubted. You are able to speak about everything that is in your heart in a comfortable, dependable environment. Prince Arjun was able to tell Lord Krishna whatever was in his heart. Every confusion, every dilemma that he was facing, he opened it up in front of Lord Krishna. He was able to depend on Lord Krishna and Lord Krishna made him feel comfortable. Lord Krishna was able to give him sound advice which led to the creation of the Bhagavad Gita.

Just like Lord Krishna helped resolve the situation Price Arjun was in and was able to counsel him and give him sound advice to bring him out of his dilemma, trained counsellors do the same for you. No matter what the situation is, sessions with a trained counsellor will help rise above it.

If you want to know what the benefits of counseling are, then here are the reasons:

  • Counseling helps to clarify problems.
  • It helps to cope with depression.
  • It develops your confidence and increases it.
  • It allows you to explore opportunities and bring about healthy changes.
  • It improves personal skills.
  • It helps you learn how to make better decisions.
  • It enables you to manage anxiety.
  • It teaches you how to strengthen relationships.

ISKCON’s counselling programs

At ISKCON, we always try to stand by whoever needs our help. From kids to adults, we believe in giving good counsel to all. Our Gopal Fun School, meant exclusively for kids, offers counseling activities for kids of all ages.

Our ISKCON Girls Forum helps girls deal with anger, stress, depression, and inferiority complex. Our Youth Helpline is a successful tool for the youth to use when they need someone to hear them.

Our de-addiction program aims to counsel addicts and recovering addicts to bring them out from addiction’s bondage. We also have trained counselors who advise adults and families to help them in their troubled times.

We try to reach out to as many people as possible and help them resolve their issues.

How can you help?

The most crucial step that you can take to help is to guide people to our counseling activities. If you know someone who requires counseling, we will urge you to bring them to us to help them out of their dilemmas.

Every person wants every family to come to us whenever they are going through mental stress or personal issues that they cannot overcome alone.

The second way that you can help us is by donating to our noble cause. Your most minor contribution will help us reach out to more people who need someone to rely on.

We will be able to get more resources that will help us to serve others and help many. We encourage you to donate to the cause and help make a better society for all.

₹ 3000

Raised of ₹ 3000 Goal of ₹ 30000000

3 supporters

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